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Collect, Review, and Produce


Process, search, review, and produce mobile device and social media data from all sources–into any format. Simplify and standardize your mobile device and social media evidence with the first tool designed for modern communications.

No More Spreadsheets

Eliminate the need for reviewing countless spreadsheets in a format not designed for eDiscovery. With UniSearch Pro, you can review mobile device and social media data in a review tool designed for legal and investigative teams. Prefer to use your review tool? UniSearch Pro makes it easy to export your data into .eml and .pdf files with standard loadfile formats that work with all major review tools. UniSearch Pro also gives you the power to print compelling trial graphics that display conversations–just not messages.

Access to All Data

Rather than just looking at SMS and standard applications, UniSearch Pro gives you the ability to see all communications and device activity together. No other tool on the market gives you the ability to perform consolidated searches and analysis of these data.

Instant Access

With our automated tools, you will have access to your data significantly faster than with any other eDiscovery provider. Our system is designed to extract and standardize messages, files, and address book entries and link the information so that you can make sense of the data right away. Stop wasting time and money with forensic and eDiscovery providers that don’t understand your process. UniSearch Pro allows you to seamlessly begin working with mobile device and social media data just like you do with emails and documents.

UniSearch Pro Helps You Win

UniSearch Pro helps clients reduce costs of custom and bespoke solutions by over 70%. Eliminate the need to modify your eDiscovery process–UniSearch Pro works alongside all major review and production tools. Learn more from your data, and do it faster with UniSearch Pro.

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The UniSearch Pro Difference

UniSearch Pro is designed to simplify and reduce costs for mobile device and social media eDiscovery. Built by experts who saw clients wasting money on bespoke solutions, UniSearch Pro converts and standardizes mobile device and social media reports and allows you to review and search, as well as export to your review tools, such as Relativity.

You will receive free 24/7 support for your entire legal team, and we can process hundreds of reports in under 48 hours. We will also support you through the entire production process to ensure that your team is completely satisfied and confident in the result.

Getting Started

Getting started with UniSearch Pro is fast and easy. Once you become a client, you can upload files through our secure portal at any time. Our tools process the data, which are made available to you in real time. Contact us to see UniSearch Pro in action.


Nothing is more important to us than the security of our software products and our clients’ data. We are FBI CJIS standard compliant, and we enforce strict security policies across our firm. We are always happy to share our security protocols, policies, and procedures with all clients.



UniSearch Pro automatically processes your mobile device and social media data, and our team provides QC services to ensure your adherence to your requirements. Simply upload your data, and your data gets processed across all data types. You can specify which data gets processed. No storage size costs are applied, so upload as much as you need.



UniSearch Pro quickly and effectively generates exports in all standard formats. Whether you want to export to your review tool, generate trial graphics, or want targeted exports based on complex criteria, UniSearch Pro will meet your requirements. Attachments, emoji, and all other content are produced through UniSearch Pro. Never lose mobile or social content again.



Our team of experts can help you with any customization you need to meet your project’s requirements. Our programmers and eDiscovery professionals can rapidly develop and deploy customizations to UniSearch Pro in days. You are fully supported throughout any project to meet any processing, search, review, or production need.


Data Features

UniSearch Pro allows you to access and review more data than any tool on the market.

  • Chat Applications (e.g., WhatsApp, Skype, and Line)
  • Calls + Voicemails
  • Address Book Contents
  • Web Browsing History
  • Geolocation Data
  • Pictures, Videos, and Audio
  • Installed Applications
  • And more…

Review and Analytics

The key to any successful investigation or eDiscovery project is the ability to perform fast, predictable review with powerful search and an intuitive interface. UniSearch Pro provides that and so much more:

  • Threaded Conversations
  • In-line Attachments
  • Search Emoji and Any Language Script
  • Search Across All Communications Simultaneously
  • Bulk Tagging and Coding
  • Review Team Tools

Mobile devices and social media create new opportunities for data analytics and deep insights that go beyond what traditional eDiscovery tools can do. With UniSearch Pro, you will be able to perform complex analytics immediately.

  • Cohort Analysis
  • Timeline Analysis Across Different Communication Types
  • Distribution Analysis
  • Network Analysis
  • Forensic Detail Analysis
  • And more…

Mobile Device and Social Media Forensics with Boxer Analytics

Every day, over 5 billion text messages are sent and another 5 billion social media chats and posts are made. With this massive data volume and the importance of mobile and social data, it’s no wonder that these sources of data are vital to investigations. As a team of investigators, we understand the importance of this data and how to make it work for your investigations.

Boxer Analytics makes software for mobile devices forensics and mobile device eDiscovery, as well as social media. Other forensics and eDiscovery tools are built for 20th century data, such as email and laptops, but we’re different and we want you to make the most of modern communications data.


With Boxer Analytics’ Mobile Fetch, you can collect SMS and MMS texts, phone call history, voicemails, address books, audio, photos and videos, application data and much more–all without physically connecting to the device. Save time and money on remote mobile device forensics.

Works with Android and iOS operating systems. Simply install the app and collect to any secure location automatically.

Reduces costs by remotely collecting data and reducing the time spent on location.

Collect all sources of evidence from a phone and automatically generate reports.

Seamless integration with UniSearch Pro: The only processing, review, and production tool for mobile devices on the market.

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