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Social media and mobile device data have become critical sources of evidence in criminal, civil, and regulatory matters. We specialize in these forms of data and offer cutting-edge tools for social media eDiscovery and mobile device eDiscovery.

Mobile Device eDiscovery

We are mobile device eDiscovery experts. Our combined expertise in eDiscovery, how mobile devices store data, and how mobile devices are used enable us to provide you with the fastest, most powerful, and most cost-effective solutions on the market. We can assist you with all phases of the EDRM for mobile devices. Our automated tools process mobile device evidence and reports from all major forensic tools, including Cellebrite.

Social Media eDiscovery

We help clients with the collection, processing, review, and production of social media. From the major sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to online forums, comments sections, and chat applications, we can assist in gathering and preparing this evidence for any type of legal or regulatory matter.

Modern Review and Production

With our eDiscovery and investigations review and production tool, we offer fast, complete processing of mobile device data that works with your existing review tools. From Cellebrite and Oxygen reports to Relativity, we can process and produce mobile and social data quickly and cost effectively. Our automated tools reduce the cost of paying and time required for a consultant to generate a bespoke solution.

Mobile Device Review

We can support your team’s mobile device review efforts with search term analytics, customized reporting, and importing of mobile device contents into your review tool. Our team can support your review efforts, ensure complete coverage, and minimize wasted effort.

Forensics and Investigations

Boxer Analytics provides expert digital forensics and investigations for mobile devices and social media. Our team has extensive experience working on high-profile and high-stakes litigation, criminal cases, and investigations. Our forensics team is available to assist with collections of any size and in any location–at any time.

Our team also provides traditional forensics services for laptops, desktops, servers, and online data stores. Our team of experts can assist with any forensic investigation.

Mobile Device Forensics

Our team of forensic experts can quickly and effectively access, collect, and analyze virtually any mobile device. We can guide you and your team through the options available to you–such as cloud-based collections and logical collections–in order to meet your requirements. Our team has testified in courts across the United States and are credentialed as private investigators in states such as Texas and Michigan.

Social Media Forensics

Social media accounts and other online sources of information can be collected and introduced as evidence. We can assist in identifying and collecting social media data in a forensically sound matter so that you can utilize it in your case or investigation.



Mobile device and social media data just don’t work with your review tools with other tools, but we can process and export these data to work within your review tool. By processing communications as EML and PDF files, we can provide data and loadfiles that work with your tools. Replace slow, expensive consultants with our automated process that can deliver large-scale productions in days, instead of weeks.



With our automated tools, mobile device and social media data can be presented better. We can assist with producing data to standard formats, such as EML files, as well as develop powerful trial graphics and productions that look like they did in the mobile devices and social media platforms. Our standardized production process guarantees no surprises–only reliable results.


Content Analysis

Our team of experts can help you unearth more information from your data. We can help identify meaningful content, such as embedded media, emoji, and other forms of communication, that your search process might miss. We can assist with devising smart discovery strategies, such as keyword analysis, content specifications, and ways to redact, to ensure that your matter is a success.



Boxer Analytics provides expert consulting services to corporate and legal clients. Our breadth of experience in the legal technology industry allows us to bring best-in-class consulting services to every client. Our consulting services include

  • Testimony
  • 30(b)(6)
  • Expert services (e.g., privileged consultant)
  • Social media and mobile device policy consulting
  • Customized technology solutions
  • Project remediation
  • And more…


Companies of all sizes and from all industries are grappling with employees’ usage of mobile devices and social media. From data exfiltration to making harmful social media posts to ongoing compliance monitoring, we assist companies with a wide range of issues via establishing policies and performing monitoring. We can monitor the following:

  • Online forums, chat groups, and web page comments sections
  • Mobile device usage, including data exfiltration
  • Employee social media usage
  • Cohort analysis of employees friends to potential persons of issue
  • Mobile device BYOD policies and usage

Our team of technologists and investigators can establish and continuously monitor mobile devices and social media accounts for compliance breaches and other risk factors. We employ custom-developed machine learning and Big Data solutions for data mining, name matching, and concept identification to find the information you need. We can ensure compliance and risk minimization for:

  • Monitorships
  • Regulated industries
  • Due diligence/background checks
  • Witness research
  • And more…

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