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Our team of mobile and social eDiscovery experts is here to assist


Mobile Device Collection

• Our experts provide hourly and fixed-fee collections of all smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices

• We process and analyze mobile device data based on your specifications and offer UniSearch Pro for review and analysis

Social Media Collection

• We collect social media data across all social media platforms


Mobile and Social Analytics

• We offer deep analysis of mobile and social data so you and your team can work faster and more efficiently

• Communication patterns, identification of additional parties of interest, geolocation, and more

Early Case Assessments

• We provide fast, cost-efficient solutions for determining what resides in mobile devices and social media accounts


Mobile and Social eDiscovery

• Our professionals can augment your team and provide additional services, such as 30(b)(6)

• Our experts are trained as expert witnesses and can support your case

Process Improvement

• We can help your internal team develop defensible strategies, processes, and tools for mobile and social eDiscovery

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